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Another round with AIESEC!


We are excited to share with you news that TwogNation is collaborating with AIESEC once again! This time our new intern will be Ayoub Ghouiza from Italy. By joining TwogTeam Ayoub will contribute in many different ways and we hope to work with him on lots of exciting projects in the future! Ayoub is passionate about marketing and HR therefore his first task will be working together with our star studded marketing team, as a recruiter. 

AIESEC and TwogNation have a long lasting working relationship, collaborating together on multiple projects in the past. At TwogNation, we believe that market-changing ideas lay within young and inspired individuals who want to use their skills and imagination to innovate. Exactly this is the reason why we give young people a chance to express themselves and in return acquire the necessary skills needed to work in a team. As a privately owned company we see it as our duty to complement where academia and governments often fail. Experience is key to any profession and often the lack of experience is what holds young professionals back to get the desired position. With AIESEC we continue to give that insight into a space, see a mid-sized company from the inside, adapt to new challenges and infuse unique experiences into their CV.