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Creating the E-Cup Berlin in cooperation with Saturn!


We have partnered up with Saturn Berlin to create an event series targeting young Fifa-players in the region.

Over the span of 2 months we will host 3 events and a grand finale!

12th May Saturn Spandau
26th May Saturn Europa Center
4th June Saturn Alexander Platz
16th June Grand Finale – Kesselhaus, Kulturbrauerei

The finale will coincide with the Football World Championship live viewing event! First Fifa, then traditional sports Fifa!

We love this event series, not just because Saturn is a non-endemic brand entering esports, but also because we are
able to bring young people directly in or in front of the Saturn retail space, offer discounted and Fifa-related products,
while also bringing live-action with commentary as well. Many people from the surrounding shops will join, friends, family
and Fifa-enthusiasts.

We are going to have a lot of fun and it shows once again how competitive game can be integrated reliably and successfully with
local and international brands.