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CS:GO Cryptomasters Minsk and partnership with Play2Live


Short time, obstacles and difficult location! No matter!

The team of TwogNation is known to do miracles around live events, even without 6-12 months of preparation time.
Our experience around big arena events in the past has guided us through it all and we can now claim it was a
big success and pleasant for all attending.

The event took place in the Falcon Arena Minsk. February 24-25th
50+ event staff
8 top CS:GO teams
broadcasted in more than 16 languages
2.000.000 LUC tokens (100k USD)
– which is the largest crypto prizepool to date
double stage build (4×5 PC setup) with triple projectors


Space Soldiers

Over 3 days we estimated between 4-5k attendees in the stadium which was close to its maximum capacity.
The teams received a 5 star hotel treatment and convenient shuttle service to the arena.

Despite the freezing temperatures outside it got really hot inside at times! Exciting matches and an
amazing crowd. TwogNation had a full mandate over the event and we have made sure that all staff, the teams
and everyone involved were not just comfortable but also timely paid out.
It underlines our approach to have full control over events when relationships between teams and new ventures / brands
are not founded on trust from past events. TwogNation bridges that gap and we will continue to uphold our reputation
as a perfect mediator for all parties being satisfied at the end of the day.

Thank you to all the team, the production crew especially, the local helpers, the team and of course P2L for
bringing such a big event to Minsk. We enjoyed the work and hope in the future we can do more event of this magnitude.