Senior enviroment Artist



As an environment artist on Ultracore, your talent and vision will help shape the Tormentosia. You will work closely with our concept and level design team to create a world that is both gameplay-oriented, beautiful, and consistent with the handcrafted art styles.

Your broader experience with game development and building a well-designed world will help you work collaboratively with level designers to ensure that you are always putting gameplay first when it comes to developing strong, fun areas to play in.

Environmental is everything that has a hard surface. Buildings, Trees, Landscape Foliage, Experience in Lighting would be a plus as well.


▸Create stunning organic and hard surface 3D models for an open world environment.

▸Build modular architecture and kits to make world build easy and consistent.

▸Strong technical ability to manage assets to fit poly counts, draw call limits, texture memory, gameplay space collisions.

▸Work with the team to conceive, visualize, and execute environment art.

▸Build individual art assets, and help others to elevate their work.

▸Assist with outsourcing assets, both with feedback and intake/integration.

▸Self-motivation, good communication skills, and a great team-player attitude.


▸Minimum 5+ years of experience in game art, including 3 in environments. Strong knowledge of modern level creation best practices.

▸Experience creating stylized, non-photorealistic levels and 3D assets.

▸Experience with engine and game performance and optimization.

▸Familiarity with Maya/Blender, Photoshop. Zbrush and Substance Designer/Painter.

▸Ability and willingness to tackle technical problems and quickly learn new tools and workflows

▸Experience giving direction and art feedback to other artists on craft.

▸Background in AAA/AA production

▸Understanding the importance of creating documentation


▸An opportunity to work for a newly established game studio of industry veterans

▸A lean organization with potential for growth

▸The experience of creating something from scratch with your contribution is not necessarily limited to engineering.

▸Receive a competitive salary by your market area

▸Be a part of a diverse international team with highly qualified and dedicated colleagues.

▸The possibility to work fully remote with occasional workshops

If you want to give your application the “little extra”, then please highlight your motivation, attitude, volunteering, similar or otherwise connected jobs/projects, direct or cross-industry applicable skills and your ambitions. We are driven to develop and create amazing teams of people who will work towards the same goals to create new boundaries and push the limits further than ever. So, if you are interested in being a part of our amazing team of experts, send us your Resume/CV, Cover letter & portfolio at the email address attached to the Apply button and become a part of amazing groups of people.

Our team does not care about your gender, religion, sexual orientation, origin or other irrelevant things, so don’t hesitate to apply if you feel like you have the potential to do amazing things and use your experience, knowledge and resourcefulness.

Emails without CV, job position(s) specified or other insufficient parameters will be ignored.

Location: TwogTech offices Belgrade, Serbia (in-office)