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We had the honor to work with FueltoFly. A South African company that specializes in producing quality B2B leads and go-to-market insights through email outreach.

For all of us that work in the B2B space, we know how difficult it might be to hone in on our addressable market to create valuable connections and revenue-generating conversations.

The reasons for that are quite diverse. Most of them don’t have trial periods, you buy into something that might be a total disaster. Most of them don’t really understand your product or service – nor do they give a feeling they put the effort in. Especially with our tech for esports, gaming, sports and entertainment, it’s not just copy/paste and run with it. We’re the market leader in that area and it’s so vast what we have in our portfolio and so specific – not an easy communication.


We ran multiple strategies for both TwogEngine our technology arm for all things you need in (e)sports and business around it and also for ICATREX,  that prevents other entrepreneurs from wasting their time and money on tech. We’re not even a year into that project and have already teams assembled and operating for more than 7 companies, probably soon in need to expand our local hub.

FueltoFly is a data-first business that takes the guesswork out of outreach and lets the numbers do the work to achieve the results you want. 

When we talk about leads, we value creating lasting bonds with the companies we work with, sharing expertise, and growing together. 

TwogNation and all its branches will continue to work with FueltoFly to improve our ROI, to support business development and also our marketing efforts.