Game API specialists

We are looking for developers with expertise on Game API solutions. We don’t narrow the techstack as solutions might vary and will 

most likely be compound products with various technologies working together.

The goal is to create systems, acting as middleman between our systems and the Game API. 



         · Authentication (e.g. confirming user ID, getting trust/false answer)

         · Lobby creation or similar to connect players (could be full turn-key via API, or via bots/launchers)

         · After game end we expect to get data for that match including result and stats for each player

         · Other API abilities like general stats readout or similar will be assessed individually per each game

The system has to be scalable and to support large amount of requests in parallel.

For APIs that are incomplete or not existing in some cases we aim to look into innovative workarounds respectively.

Please contact us via or directly on Linkedin