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ICE ICE BABY! TwogNation in London, 3rd – 7th February

TwogNation will be at ICE London, the largest event in the world around gaming, igaming, gambling, betting, casinos and literally everything around those topics. A massive expo, all big names and brands, conferences, workshops and meet-ups. That’s the fun our founder Sebastian Läger will dive into. Esports and competitive gaming was only a few years ago just a niche at ICE and by now it has grown to a substantial key element, including a 250k CSGO tournament during the event. Besides checking out all trends we will present of course all our latest achievements and projects. Many things to come and announce: – TwogHub’s newest feature the location aggregator – TwogNews launch in February – the world’s first esports news curator – stastistics, brackets and tournament data plugins – new matchticker launching – 3 big JVs to be announced, including a global league focusing on mobile gaming – the launch of ITX in our tech hub in Belgrade – new projects on our TwogTech branch, providing the best esports technology services – team & scrim finder features coming end of February – new partners joining TwogHub to host their tournaments – new adtech to achieve 100% conversion and engagement from esports audiences Those and many more things we will bring with us and hope to find the right partners at ICE! Contact us, schedule meetings and stay tuned for all the news!