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The next generation of tournament play is here! – Introducing ESTN


ESTN wants to introduce the latest global standard in player scoring and tournament play, powered by the blockchain and NFT’s. TwogNation is proud to announce the launch of our latest partnered product ESTN.IO

ESTN wants to revolutionize the esports industry by creating a global, blockchain-powered platform incorporating real-world gamers, proprietary NFT “seat owners“ and franchise owners within a powerful metaverse that pays big dividends to all participants: gamers, seat owners and even spectators. The ESTN platform tracks player performance across any platform-supported game. The proprietary Universal Player Record (UPR) system is platform-centric and game-centric. This enables ESTN to track individual players across multiple games standardizing ranking methodologies across the esports landscape. Basing the UPR system in blockchain technology will guarantee fair and immutable record keeping and accurate real-time player performance assessments. This revolutionary tech is powered and created by TwogEngine’s latest esports solution. With TwogNation’s platform technology ESTN can take a giant leap forward, skipping months and years of development, time and costs, focusing directly on the unique blockchain technology.