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Location aggregator going live on TwogHub! All in one place!


Ever wondered how many esports & gaming locations are out there? Where to bootcamp? In a new city? So where to find the best place to play!?

All that is now being answered!

Go to and you’ll find them all. Thousands of locations – all in one place.

Big arenas, small venues, trucks, studios, gaming stores, bootcamps, web cafes, bars, open spaces? All there.

Looking for VR/AR, simulators, catering, streaming and production, smoking, specific payment method? Filter your way to your dream location and bring friends!

Not sure how good or bad a venue is? Trust the community and check the reviews! Help others with your own review and give feedback to the owners.

All that and more is now possible on TwogHub’s location aggregator!

Venue owners can request the admin accounts, edit all datapoints and infuse all updates.

We welcome everyone to give ratings & reviews, provide feedback, show us locations we have missed and be in touch for partnerships.