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Major Patch going live on TwogHub and sneak peek into the future!


This is one of our bigger patches so we’ll break it down for you bit by bit as each feature as exciting as the next!

First of all we added various new languages in preparation of new partnerships or existing ones. From now on TwogHub will be available in Serbian, Portuguese, Spanish and French!

One of the key upgrades already in August is also the launch of special branded events, which allow any brand or partner to plug in their products or services into tournaments, both monetary or non-monetary funnel. It allows to use tournaments for direct sales and acquisition, while also boosting engagement, get deep data and insight in customer behavior, while also delivering on the standards such as logo & brand placement, name sponsorships and any other traditional funnel. This new technology will be introduced in a separate article as well. If you want to have deeper insights right now, please contact us.

We also have reworked the access level for unregistered users significantly. This will give much deeper insights into the Gamer’s Passport of players & influencers, as well tournaments so you can better explore before engaging.

Also based on user’s feedback we enabled the search functionality by tournament organizer and added it to dozens of other filters by which you can customize what tournament throughout the global scene you’re looking for.

Verified users, partners and influencers can now also have their custom URL on TwogHub to better utilize the Gamer’s Passport as a tool to gather and showcase all your assets to drive engagement.

For tournament organizer we also heard you and listened. 2 major features launched and already found utility in a few tournaments.

Custom tables for TOs and admins. From there on, no matter if you have PUBG, FIFA, etc scores to keep, speedrunning, sim-racing lap times or anything else. You’ll have a fully customizable table at your disposal with which you can find the right format yourself for all events.

The second feature is a new self-result and dispute system, including the automation for admins to work down the tickets, chat with the disputant, upload evidence and settle any dispute quickly without much delay of the tournament operations. This tool allows now to even better have small and large events around non-API games in a flawless way.

All these features are live as of this week and a few more which we’d like to separately announce alongside the partners and projects making use of all the technology we’re tirelessly developing. A little sneak peek into what’s to come is always possible.

Next announcement from TwogHub as a platform and TwogTech as a esports tech provider will be:

  • Full management system for esports federations
  • Fan engagement and “VIP club” management system for brands and teams, leagues and others alike
  • New aggregators will be launched! After establishing the well running tournament aggregator we’re launching not just 1 but 4 more that will make TwogHub even more your first site to visit for esports information
  • We will also rework the Gamer’s Passport to hold a lot more information, enable donations, pay to chat, sponsor plugin, collegiate and other social unput, as well as many things more.
  • We are also working on various stream-scan technologies and AI projects, which will be plugged into TwogHub once ready.

Those are 5 out of many things we have in the making and we can’t wait to make the announcements and have you test all the features.

In order to make TwogHub even better I encourage anyone to try and give us feedback. If you’re an influencer, you need to have a Gamer’s Passport. If you’re a tournament organiser, make sure you have your events on the tournament aggregator or contact us to directly work on TwogHub including all the advantages we offer and making TwogHub the best platforms to monetize your events.

See you on !