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One kingdom, two queens – welcome Milica and Elena!


TwogNation is proud to announce and welcome our latest additions Milica Djokić and Elena Čabrajac! The two will join our marketing team as digital marketing managers. The main focus will be serving our clients implementing strategy and building up a marketing team from scratch.

TwogNation is offering various solutions beyond just technology, maintenance, SLA and support, but also venture building strategy and respective execution at the highest quality at an affordable pricing.  

Milica is a growth marketing manager, creative enthusiast and a fantasy lover. Her main areas of expertise are marketing and project management. She enjoys creating innovative campaigns both in the marketing world and the DnD fantasy realms as a DM. She also loves digital art, RPG games, and horses! 

Elena likes to refer to herself as a unicorn marketer and a data nerd. She is a perfect matchmaker between businesses and their ideal customers / clients. Elena also loves astrophysics and quantum mechanics and her favorite cats are Schrödinger’s and Rocky the TwogNation cat! 

Both of them will co-lead a team of social media managers, guerilla marketeers and content creators. Familiar with both the basics of a new company, as well as supplementing growth stages or infusion of innovative solutions, we’re looking forward to our clients benefiting from their expertise.