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Partnership with Critical Force


Critical Force is a team of passionate creators who strive to make the best competitive games for mobile platforms. While focusing on online multiplayer, we put our best effort into making games that are fun to play on both casual and competitive levels. With exceptional attention to detail, we have a strong ambition to become market leaders in mobile game industry.

The very successful game Critical Ops is also known as the “Counterstrike for mobile” It’s not just fun, but also allows a competitive layer to be added with
the potential to transition into an esports IP.

Sebastian “Heflamoke” Läger will join Critical Force as esports advisor and together with the TwogNation team we will be looking deeply into
this new game and all it’s elements. Our mission is to make Critical Ops ready for competitiveness starting from map design, formats,
balance, integrity and anti-cheat, technical aspects such as API, publisher policy and planning a strategy on how to tackle tournament
formats by the publisher, by 3rd parties and the commnunity.

It will be an exciting journey! Stay tuned!