Project Manager



Would you like to work for the company that has validated products on the market? At a for front of the innovation? If your answer is yes, then we would love to talk to you!


▸ Plan and implement projects

▸ Constant communication with clients & partners

▸ Help define project scope, goals and deliverables

▸ Define tasks and required resources

▸ Collect and manage project team

▸ Allocate project resources

▸ Create schedule and project timeline

▸ Track deliverables

▸ Support and direct team

▸ Lead quality assurance

▸ Monitor and report on project progress

▸ Present to stakeholders reports on progress as well as problems and solutions

▸ Implement and manage change when necessary to meet project outputs

▸ Evaluate and assess result of project


We are a startup and there will be many projects at the same time, so multitasking and the ability to organise many moving elements / projects is very important.

The person to become one of our PMs should also be ambitious, which defines as mainly the ability to learn and adapt to the demands of the company and clients.

There will be tasks where you will be actively involved in the creation of new products and features, which might usually be defined as “product owner”-tasks, but in an startup environment we see this as more of a fluid definition of the job. The ability to listen to stakeholders, visions and ideas, then consequently log them down in documents, which can and will be the basis for developers to pick up on, is a very important criteria. That also includes to build opinions, do research, look into the space to observe latest trends or industry standards and infuse that into the product-building process.


▸Team player


▸Eager to learn


▸Competitive salary

▸Environment for constant improvement, role change and intrapreneurial ambitions

▸Being part of the most disruptive esports tech company with constant innovation and exploring new frontiers

▸Friendly, yet professional environment – a welcoming team

▸Largely flexible work structure and hours

Office gym

We require you to send us a nicely structured CV. The focus should be on your skills and your passion for the gaming/esports industry. TwogNation’s team does not care about your gender, religion, origin or other irrelevant things. If you want to give your application the “little extra”, then please highlight your motivation, attitude, volunteering, similar or otherwise connected jobs/projects, direct or cross-industry applicable skills and your ambitions, how you see yourself in a few years from now, as we strive to support your career actively.

Location: TwogTech offices Belgrade, Serbia

Please send your CV to
▸Please put in the subject which position(s) you are applying for.
▸Emails without CV, job position(s) specified or other insufficient parameters will be ignored.