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Purrfect addition – Rocky the TwogCat!


It’s time to introduce the world to the greatest 3-legged feline that ever lived, Rocky the TwogCat! 

Rocky is a cat that the team adopted from a shelter. His signature chonky belly and 3 paws were so adorable that we couldn’t resist keeping him! Jokes aside, Rocky can easily qualify as one of the hardest working employees in the company, managing to visit everyone’s office and having time to collaborate with all the employees every single day. Although he might sleep during his meetings with said employees, the fact that he is able to switch beds so quickly within a day is impressive in itself! Our chonky boy is on an eternal mission to lose weight, which is disrupted by everyone trying to give him treats. He has no issue with HR, befriending everyone, as long as food is involved. Rocky doesn’t like to brag about it, but he is on a quest to be pet by every human on the planet!

At TwogNation we believe in pet culture, and as a pet friendly company we allow and encourage everyone to bring their little companions with them to work, where they will be met with care and love! In our hybrid model, on some days the presence of the furry friends can lighten the mood. Overall we see an increase in happiness, but also see a decrease in productivity when he places his chonk on the mouse or keyboard of a team member.