Python Developer



Would you like to work for the company that has validated products on the market? At a for front of the innovation? If your answer is yes, then we would love to talk to you!

Hey there! Harnessing the power of Data Science, we take an analytical approach to lead generation and email outreach. We find the exact leads you’re looking for and create high-performing email copy for each recipient. The result: A highly scalable, bespoke outboun sales machine for B2B businesses.

In 2019, we had this idea that outbound sales is broken. Why should you have to make a hundred calls a day to do three deals a month? That’s ridiculous. Surely there’s a way to dive into the data, crunch some numbers, and build a more targeted, high converting approach – and we did! By using deliverability infrastructure, using a targeted email outreach, data analysis and building just the right teams to be successful all the time.

This is why we are looking for a boost in our development teams, more specifically – a senior Python Developer. This developer needs to be a self-starter and work well independently, but worry not, as we value new ideas and will always request and value new ideas brought to the team to improve our product.


▸ You would design the backend for our products, some are already at MVP stage, some have not been built at all
▸ You will be involved in analyzing and working with prospect (people) data and API integrations
▸ You need to know how to analyze data (fear not: you do not need to understand and analyze data at an expert level)

▸ You’ll work closely with our data scientist and our COO for assistance)
▸ Big thinking mindset to design everything with scalability in mind
▸ It goes without saying that the codes you write are effective and scalable
▸ You will develop back-end components to improve responsiveness and overall performance and integrate user- facing elements into the web app
▸ Little implementation of security and data protection solutions go a long way
▸ Finally, you will coordinate with internal teams to understand user requirements and provide technical solutions


▸ Expert in Python, with knowledge of at least one Python web framework such as Django, Flask etc.
▸ You need to have system architecture experience and essentially know how to build a web app backend from scratch
▸ Python & SQL are essential (JavaScript a bonus)

▸ You need to have 4+ years of experience
▸ Data science, ML and email knowledge are preferable
▸ We’re looking for someone who knows how important speed is when it comes to building, launching and updating a product.
▸ Expertise in at least one popular Python framework (like Django, Flask or Pyramid)
▸ Knowledge of object

▸Relational mapping (ORM)
▸ Team spirit

▸ You would work in a team of 8 people
▸ Good problem-solving skills – every developer needs them
▸ We use slack and google meets to communicate internally so we expect you are already familiar with these two platforms


▸ A Competitive salary
▸ Mondays start at 11am because why not?!
▸ FueltoFly merch is included!
▸ Working hours are flexible but must be available between 9am and 5pm South Africa time.
▸ You can work in office or remote – we understand the importance of having this option in 2021.
▸ A lean organization with potential for growth
▸ The experience of creating something from scratch with your contribution is not necessarily limited to engineering

▸ Be a part of a diverse international team with highly qualified and dedicated colleagues.
▸ The Ultimate Office gym/Fitpass

If you want to give your application the “little extra”, then please highlight your motivation, attitude, volunteering, similar or otherwise connected jobs/projects, direct or cross-industry applicable skills and your ambitions. We are driven to develop and create amazing teams of people who will work towards the same goals to create new boundaries and push the limits further than ever. So, if you are interested in being a part of our amazing team of experts, send us your Resume/CV, Cover letter & portfolio at the email address attached to the Apply button and become a part of amazing groups of people.

Our team does not care about your gender, religion, sexual orientation, origin or other irrelevant things, so don’t hesitate to apply if you feel like you have the potential to do amazing things and use your experience, knowledge and resourcefulness.

Emails without CV, job position(s) specified or other insufficient parameters will be ignored.

Location: TwogTech offices Belgrade, Serbia (in-office)