Russian/Serbian/English speaking manager


Russian/Serbian/English speaking manager

TwogNation is at the forefront of esports technology. We build platforms of various sizes that scale modularly with features from an ever-growing IP spectrum that our branch TwogEngine has developed over the past 5 years.

Furthermore, moving into 2022 we will also focus more on our own projects and IPs and re-enter the B2C market with ambitious projects including not just social esports platforms, but also game development and WEB3 projects.

You will spend most of your time developing, maintaining, documenting, and testing parts or whole software solutions. You will need to analyze requirements and provide the design and specification of new or already developed systems.


  • Speak Serbian native or close to it
  • Speak Russian with minimum conversational
  • Speak English basic business and management communication


  • Be the liaison between esports athletes and various other entities, such as accountants, managers, tax officials, lawyers, landlords, partners, etc.
  • Be able to communicate and translate various documents
  • Answer official emails
  • Operate and receive access to web portals on behalf of the athletes
  • Basic knowledge of taxes and banking – advanced knowledge will be trained
  • Part-time or full-time possible
  • In Belgrade preferred, in case there are physical meetings needed
  • Good organizational skills in light of many information and communication funnels
  • Scheduling and communicating events, deadlines, and priorities ahead of time
  • Monitoring activities, documenting and keeping track
  • Represent the athlete in Serbia during the time of international travels
  • Open-minded, fast learner, versatile


  • Understand how esports teams and athletes operate or at least be familiar with the basics of sports athletes, as it’s very similar.


  • Patience with young people, who often for the first time encounter administrative paperwork, taxation, and all of that in a new, foreign country.


PS: It’s not important to be perfect or knowledgeable in all things. Missing knowledge on legal and accounting, as well as esports aspects of the job will be provided and trained.


  • Competitive salary
  • Full-time contract
  • Private health insurance
  • Free parking spot
  • Being part of the most disruptive esports tech company with constant innovation and exploring new frontiers
  • Friendly, yet professional environment – a welcoming team
  • Largely flexible work structure and hours
  • Office gym
  • New features, new projects, and new clients all the time, including in-house IPs we build
  • Pet-friendly office

We require you to send us a nicely structured CV. The focus should be on your skills and passion for the gaming/esports industry.

TwogNation’s team does not care about your gender, religion, origin, or other irrelevant things. If you want to give your application the “little extra”, then please highlight your motivation, attitude, volunteering, similar or otherwise connected jobs/projects, direct or cross-industry applicable skills and your ambitions, and how you see yourself in a few years from now, as we strive to support your career actively.

Location: TwogNation offices in Rakovica, Belgrade

Work model: Hybrid, meaning few days in the office and few days at home