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The birth of TwogNation


A new start. A new journey.

Sebastian Läger and Ignat Bobrovich partner up to create TwogNation, an esports holding company with a focus on technology, infrastructure and
innovation in the space.

We believe that despite its growth, the esports industry still lacks important infrastructure, accessible information and ways to interact
in a meaningful way, which empowers the user but also builds gateways for brands to interact with the demography.

At the core of TwogNation will be , which will be esports’ first aggregator and community building platform.
It will allow users to freely access all tournaments worldwide, no matter the region, the game or the format.
At the same time we are providing the user with the Gamers’ Passport, a place to gather and plugin everything that it means
to be a gamer, while also giving the tools to connect with others, befriend, chat, find teams, find sponsors and much more.

We are also launching our esports agency , which is the extension of what we have been doing for the last
2 decades in the gaming / esports space. Together with our team we will provide a wide spectrum of services that are
needed to successfully operate in the space.

Stay tuned, websites launching soon! We will be announcing all launches and the upcoming beta phase for TwogHub.