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The future of esports in the TCG genre


Titans of War is a collectible trading card game aspiring to be a titan among giants such as Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering, and elements of Civilization. Esports and a lively competitive scene is planned right from the beginning. Titans of War aims on transcending and evolving the TCG genre in a fresh and innovative way

Esports was always problematic around the TCG genre, even though studies show that 75% of card game players are interested in competitive play. By being a breath of fresh air in TCG esports, Titans of War will be the buzz of the genre, reviving the possibility to be a real professional player with a starting point of at least 1M USD World Championship post release, increased by player engagement and in-game transactions.

To help with this goal the developers of Titans of War will be collaborating with Sebastian Läger, CEO of TwogNation. With his decades worth of professional experience, working in both tech, igaming and esports, in his advisory role, he will without a doubt contribute and help create the first ever Titans of War League. The initial BETA is very promising, the community feedback outstanding. As Titans of War grows, the partnership with TwogNation will grow deeper, also into technical solutions, tournament systems, ELO, content creator integration and much more.