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TwogHub official launch!


TwogNation’s team has worked hard to develop a unique experience for gamers of every skill level. We want to thank you all beta-testers that signed up and contributed to squish all the bugs that survived. As of today, we would like to present current key features you’ll love:

Tournament finder – Browse all tournaments hosted on any platform or by any brand easily or Pick up the game to see all activities based on your interests.
Gamer passport – accumulates all competitive gaming data and allows gamers to monetize it.
Social functionality – allows you to play with your friends or easily connect with other teams.

More games and platforms are added every day. With TwogHub you can enter the world of esports easily:
– Choose a game
– Select your favorite format
– Find your preferred tournament to participate or simply watch

Sign up today and get access to exciting online tournaments and live events.
Stay tuned for more features to be added to the TwogHub soon.