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TwogNation is Moving! Our New Home is Ready!


TwogNation keeps growing and with our local staff exceeding soon the 30 member mark it is time to upgrade our work place. Like our old office, the new one will be located in Rakovica, Belgrade. With almost 700m2 at our disposal we are not just growing our esports tech verticals and business staff, but we are doubling down on a few new verticals we created in 2020, especially in the context of the pandemic. The new office will be also home to ICATREX where entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world can locate their teams, which we assemble for them via local or international recruitment. With this setup, any venture requiring technology can have their own team, in a secure environment, 24/7 available, all staff together in one place, because there is only so much you can do over a Zoom call. 

We’ll also emphasize a lot more perks for our own or partner’s staff here, with new meeting rooms, gym, recreational areas, better infrastructure, faster internet, all offices climatized, support staff to take care of daily needs  and many more perks.