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TwogNation welcomes another partner: Xcite, a web3-oriented service provider


Xcite states in their announcement:

“We are excited to announce our new partnership with TwogNation – building innovative and revolutionizing solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies, with strong expertise and experience in the world of esports, gaming and igaming.

We believe that the esports Industry will experience massive growth over the next few years. On the flip side, we think that not even a fraction of its potential is truly understood and services for this industry are still missing, especially from an iGaming perspective. And this is where we see our opportunity and the drive to create services around those two areas adding Web3 capabilities like e.g. a Metaverse Esports Arena, NFT Merchandise for Esports Teams, and Raffles dedicated to specific tournaments and more ideas to follow, opportunities are endless.

To achieve that ambitious goal we want to work with the strongest partners in the field, to which we count TwogNation with no doubt. As a highly specialized technology company, part of their service portfolio is TwogEngine, which provides everything from full turn-key platforms, gamification and specific tools for the gaming and esports industry. TwogNation’s expertise goes well beyond only esports. Its founder Sebastian Länder has build bridges to other industries, such as igaming, betting, casino and entertainment for over 2 decades. With TwogBiz, their esports agency, this technological advantage and expertise is underlined by end-to-end consulting services, from  idea,  to the establishment of guidelines, process and actual execution. From startups to unicorns.

At xCite we plan to keep strengthening and improving our platform through partners that share our obsession for serving and entertaining our customers. We are very happy to have TwogNation on board and are looking forward to the great things we will build together in the Future.”

TwogNation excited to cooperate with the various clients of Xcite and their own projects. Our experience in tech and the esports/gaming sector is in perfect synergy.