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Veni, vidi, vici – AIESEC sends Anaïs from Italy!


Our company is proud of the fact that we always strive to give young people a chance to learn and express themselves to the fullest! We see internships as the best way for encouraging the youth to expand their horizons and learn new stuff in the field of work they wish to specialize in! This time, our marketing team will be the one to benefit from our latest internship, made possible thanks to AIESEC

We would like to introduce you all to Anaïs Lavy! Anaïs is a student from Turin, and she is passionate about digital marketing. In her own words, she sees herself as a feisty person who is used to working in a team, with a strong propensity for problem solving and a creative streak. She loves everything that means innovation and experimentation. Anaïs is also addicted to reading and researching new forms of technology applied to communication, especially in Mobile and Digital.

At TwogNation, she would like to focus on starting her digital marketing and communication management career. The whole team is excited for her arrival and they will all help her with achieving this amazing goal!