One kingdom, two queens – welcome Milica and Elena!

TwogNation is proud to announce and welcome our latest additions Milica Djokić and Elena Čabrajac! The two will join our marketing team as digital marketing managers. The main focus will be serving our clients implementing strategy and building up a marketing team from scratch.

TwogNation is offering various solutions beyond just technology, maintenance, SLA and support, but also venture building strategy and respective execution at the highest quality at an affordable pricing.  

Milica is a growth marketing manager, creative enthusiast and a fantasy lover. Her main areas of expertise are marketing and project management. She enjoys creating innovative campaigns both in the marketing world and the DnD fantasy realms as a DM. She also loves digital art, RPG games, and horses! 

Elena likes to refer to herself as a unicorn marketer and a data nerd. She is a perfect matchmaker between businesses and their ideal customers / clients. Elena also loves astrophysics and quantum mechanics and her favorite cats are Schrödinger’s and Rocky the TwogNation cat! 

Both of them will co-lead a team of social media managers, guerilla marketeers and content creators. Familiar with both the basics of a new company, as well as supplementing growth stages or infusion of innovative solutions, we’re looking forward to our clients benefiting from their expertise.

Veni, vidi, vici – AIESEC sends Anaïs from Italy!

Our company is proud of the fact that we always strive to give young people a chance to learn and express themselves to the fullest! We see internships as the best way for encouraging the youth to expand their horizons and learn new stuff in the field of work they wish to specialize in! This time, our marketing team will be the one to benefit from our latest internship, made possible thanks to AIESEC

We would like to introduce you all to Anaïs Lavy! Anaïs is a student from Turin, and she is passionate about digital marketing. In her own words, she sees herself as a feisty person who is used to working in a team, with a strong propensity for problem solving and a creative streak. She loves everything that means innovation and experimentation. Anaïs is also addicted to reading and researching new forms of technology applied to communication, especially in Mobile and Digital.

At TwogNation, she would like to focus on starting her digital marketing and communication management career. The whole team is excited for her arrival and they will all help her with achieving this amazing goal!

First ICE London after the pandemic!

The team is excited to announce that TwogNation will be present at ICE London 2023! We are starting this year with a bang and can’t wait to see you all at one of the biggest gaming events in Europe! Our presence at ICE became a tradition, sadly disrupted by Covid 19 and that’s why it’s even more exciting to meet old and new friends alike this year. 

ICE London is the Global Gaming Hub for all B2B industry experts. It continues to be unrivaled as the leading gaming technology event for business growth, development, and networking. All forms of gaming are covered, whether land-based or online. As TwogNation is an industry leading veteran in the field of esports and online gaming, we will be supporting and attending this event in full force. We hope to link up with new, fresh and bright minded people from around the world and the industry, and look forward to potential new collaborations and partnerships! If you want to be at the forefront of innovation or have some amazing fresh new ideas that you want to share, make sure to keep in touch because TwogNation might just be the place for you! 

Our CEO Sebastian Läger will be attending the event, so if you want to connect or learn more about our company, newest projects, our expansion into industries such as artificial intelligence, igaming, betting, fish and arcade games, as well as our continued innovation in esports, let us know beforehand.

See you at ICE or one of the famous afterparties!

Purrfect addition – Rocky the TwogCat!

It’s time to introduce the world to the greatest 3-legged feline that ever lived, Rocky the TwogCat! 

Rocky is a cat that the team adopted from a shelter. His signature chonky belly and 3 paws were so adorable that we couldn’t resist keeping him! Jokes aside, Rocky can easily qualify as one of the hardest working employees in the company, managing to visit everyone’s office and having time to collaborate with all the employees every single day. Although he might sleep during his meetings with said employees, the fact that he is able to switch beds so quickly within a day is impressive in itself! Our chonky boy is on an eternal mission to lose weight, which is disrupted by everyone trying to give him treats. He has no issue with HR, befriending everyone, as long as food is involved. Rocky doesn’t like to brag about it, but he is on a quest to be pet by every human on the planet!

At TwogNation we believe in pet culture, and as a pet friendly company we allow and encourage everyone to bring their little companions with them to work, where they will be met with care and love! In our hybrid model, on some days the presence of the furry friends can lighten the mood. Overall we see an increase in happiness, but also see a decrease in productivity when he places his chonk on the mouse or keyboard of a team member.

TwogNation welcomes another partner: Xcite, a web3-oriented service provider

Xcite states in their announcement:

“We are excited to announce our new partnership with TwogNation – building innovative and revolutionizing solutions leveraging cutting-edge technologies, with strong expertise and experience in the world of esports, gaming and igaming.

We believe that the esports Industry will experience massive growth over the next few years. On the flip side, we think that not even a fraction of its potential is truly understood and services for this industry are still missing, especially from an iGaming perspective. And this is where we see our opportunity and the drive to create services around those two areas adding Web3 capabilities like e.g. a Metaverse Esports Arena, NFT Merchandise for Esports Teams, and Raffles dedicated to specific tournaments and more ideas to follow, opportunities are endless.

To achieve that ambitious goal we want to work with the strongest partners in the field, to which we count TwogNation with no doubt. As a highly specialized technology company, part of their service portfolio is TwogEngine, which provides everything from full turn-key platforms, gamification and specific tools for the gaming and esports industry. TwogNation’s expertise goes well beyond only esports. Its founder Sebastian Länder has build bridges to other industries, such as igaming, betting, casino and entertainment for over 2 decades. With TwogBiz, their esports agency, this technological advantage and expertise is underlined by end-to-end consulting services, from  idea,  to the establishment of guidelines, process and actual execution. From startups to unicorns.

At xCite we plan to keep strengthening and improving our platform through partners that share our obsession for serving and entertaining our customers. We are very happy to have TwogNation on board and are looking forward to the great things we will build together in the Future.”

TwogNation excited to cooperate with the various clients of Xcite and their own projects. Our experience in tech and the esports/gaming sector is in perfect synergy.

Another round with AIESEC!

We are excited to share with you news that TwogNation is collaborating with AIESEC once again! This time our new intern will be Ayoub Ghouiza from Italy. By joining TwogTeam Ayoub will contribute in many different ways and we hope to work with him on lots of exciting projects in the future! Ayoub is passionate about marketing and HR therefore his first task will be working together with our star studded marketing team, as a recruiter. 

AIESEC and TwogNation have a long lasting working relationship, collaborating together on multiple projects in the past. At TwogNation, we believe that market-changing ideas lay within young and inspired individuals who want to use their skills and imagination to innovate. Exactly this is the reason why we give young people a chance to express themselves and in return acquire the necessary skills needed to work in a team. As a privately owned company we see it as our duty to complement where academia and governments often fail. Experience is key to any profession and often the lack of experience is what holds young professionals back to get the desired position. With AIESEC we continue to give that insight into a space, see a mid-sized company from the inside, adapt to new challenges and infuse unique experiences into their CV.

The future of esports in the TCG genre

Titans of War is a collectible trading card game aspiring to be a titan among giants such as Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering, and elements of Civilization. Esports and a lively competitive scene is planned right from the beginning. Titans of War aims on transcending and evolving the TCG genre in a fresh and innovative way

Esports was always problematic around the TCG genre, even though studies show that 75% of card game players are interested in competitive play. By being a breath of fresh air in TCG esports, Titans of War will be the buzz of the genre, reviving the possibility to be a real professional player with a starting point of at least 1M USD World Championship post release, increased by player engagement and in-game transactions.

To help with this goal the developers of Titans of War will be collaborating with Sebastian Läger, CEO of TwogNation. With his decades worth of professional experience, working in both tech, igaming and esports, in his advisory role, he will without a doubt contribute and help create the first ever Titans of War League. The initial BETA is very promising, the community feedback outstanding. As Titans of War grows, the partnership with TwogNation will grow deeper, also into technical solutions, tournament systems, ELO, content creator integration and much more.

TwogNation collaborates with KOCCA for this Gamescom 2022!

We are excited to announce that this year TwogNation is going to the biggest gaming festival in the world Gamescom! In collaboration with KOCCA we will represent the Korean government and its flourishing gaming industry.

Every year, the motherland of esports and a big hub for game development has a booth at Gamescom. The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) is a South Korean government agency which is affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and is charged with governing cultural content. As part of its partnership with the Export-Import Bank of Korea, the agency provides loans for small companies producing cultural products such as TV shows, films, games and animated series. 

This year, there will be a delegation of 15 amazing game studios that are eager to meet and collaborate with future investors! We’d like to connect with publishers, investors and other strategic partners at Gamescom, meet in and around the Korea booth and dive deeper into the projects. If you want to talk about esports, tech, gaming and tools around our ventures TwogNation, TwogEngine or ICATREX also let us know! Our CEO, Sebastian Läger, will be arriving in Cologne on 22nd of August and staying even beyond Gamescom! Be sure to link up! 

The next generation of tournament play is here! – Introducing ESTN

ESTN wants to introduce the latest global standard in player scoring and tournament play, powered by the blockchain and NFT’s. TwogNation is proud to announce the launch of our latest partnered product ESTN.IO

ESTN wants to revolutionize the esports industry by creating a global, blockchain-powered platform incorporating real-world gamers, proprietary NFT “seat owners“ and franchise owners within a powerful metaverse that pays big dividends to all participants: gamers, seat owners and even spectators. The ESTN platform tracks player performance across any platform-supported game. The proprietary Universal Player Record (UPR) system is platform-centric and game-centric. This enables ESTN to track individual players across multiple games standardizing ranking methodologies across the esports landscape. Basing the UPR system in blockchain technology will guarantee fair and immutable record keeping and accurate real-time player performance assessments. This revolutionary tech is powered and created by TwogEngine’s latest esports solution. With TwogNation’s platform technology ESTN can take a giant leap forward, skipping months and years of development, time and costs, focusing directly on the unique blockchain technology.


We had the honor to work with FueltoFly. A South African company that specializes in producing quality B2B leads and go-to-market insights through email outreach.

For all of us that work in the B2B space, we know how difficult it might be to hone in on our addressable market to create valuable connections and revenue-generating conversations.

The reasons for that are quite diverse. Most of them don’t have trial periods, you buy into something that might be a total disaster. Most of them don’t really understand your product or service – nor do they give a feeling they put the effort in. Especially with our tech for esports, gaming, sports and entertainment, it’s not just copy/paste and run with it. We’re the market leader in that area and it’s so vast what we have in our portfolio and so specific – not an easy communication.


We ran multiple strategies for both TwogEngine our technology arm for all things you need in (e)sports and business around it and also for ICATREX,  that prevents other entrepreneurs from wasting their time and money on tech. We’re not even a year into that project and have already teams assembled and operating for more than 7 companies, probably soon in need to expand our local hub.

FueltoFly is a data-first business that takes the guesswork out of outreach and lets the numbers do the work to achieve the results you want. 

When we talk about leads, we value creating lasting bonds with the companies we work with, sharing expertise, and growing together. 

TwogNation and all its branches will continue to work with FueltoFly to improve our ROI, to support business development and also our marketing efforts.